Kiria Koula: Gallery & Bookstore

(Book Launch)
Sundogz, by Mark von Schlegell
Wednesday, April 22, 7:00pm

The author will sign books after his reading.

Hosted by Marcella Faustini.

Kiria Koula is pleased to co-host a book launch for Sundogz by the American sci-fi author Mark von Schlegell. The author will introduce his soon-to-be-released novel in the context of other recent and upcoming projects, which includes a new film and exhibition, made with Frances Scholz, scheduled to open at The Wattis Institute in San Francisco in September 2015. Sundogz is published by Semiotext(e) and distributed by The MIT Press.

Beginning with Venusia (2005) and continuing with Mercury Station (2009), Mark von Schlegell's System Series has moved backward in time, investigating the contours of time, memory, perception, and control in the inter-planetary system that emerge off-world in the twenty-second and twenty-third centuries during Earth’s full collapse.

Sundogz, set among the water-rich moons of planet Uranus, extremist astro-marine “spacers” have constructed an aquatic world of extraordinary scope and ambition, entirely invisible to the System at large. The Good Fortune, a spaceship en route to Moon Miranda, the most beautiful and troublesome of Uranus's satellites, sends out a party to explore rumors of a secret fish farm in the λ ring. Now the "Oan Bubble" must attempt to survive its discovery.

The characters in Sundogz traverse a cybernetic world containing traces of nineteenth-century realism, Shakespearean-style wit and violence, and classic fantasy, while exploring possible modes of the imagination’s survival in centuries to come.

As Jeff Vandermeer noted in Bookforum, von Schlegell’s work "addresses the realities of a grim future with grace, humor and intellectual honesty—[his novels] hark back to the heyday of such giants as J. G. Ballard, Ursula Le Guin, John Calvin Batchelor, and Philip K. Dick."

Kiria Koula: Gallery & Bookstore

Mark von Schlegell's stories and essays appear regularly in underground newspapers, zines, art books, and amateurist periodicals the world over. Venusia, his first novel, was honor-listed for the 2007 James M. Tiptree Jr. Prize in science fiction.