Kiria Koula: Gallery & Bookstore

Letre, 2015
A short film by Benoît Maire
Saturday, March 7, 5:30pm

To celebrate the last day of Benoît Maire’s exhibition and bookstore at Kiria Koula, we are proud to present the premiere of Maire’s new short film Letre.

In Letre, Benoît Maire asks French philosophers François Laruelle and Anne-Françoise Schmid to observe a composition of objects the artist had placed on a table, on top of a map: an apple, a polished bronze head, things found on the beach, transparent cubes, dice, among others. The two thinkers speculate as to the meaning of the arrangement, which leads them to a broader reflection on the nature of decisions, art, and science.

Visit Benoît Maire's gallery page to see the checklist, documentation, and more information of his exhibition at Kiria Koula, and his bookstore page to see his book selection, notes, and more information on his current research.

Kiria Koula: Gallery & Bookstore

Anne-Françoise Schmid works as associate professor of epistemology and philosophy at INSA in Lyon and an associate researcher at the Poincaré Archives at the University of Nancy. She also collaborates with the Ecole des Mines in Paris and with the INRA, Centre de Jouy-en-Josas (animal biology). Her recent publications include L’Âge de l’épistémologie. Science, Ingénierie, éthique; Henri Poincaré: les sciences et la philosophie, and Que peut la philosophie des sciences?

François Laruelle is a French philosopher known for developing the concept of non-philosophy. He argues that all forms of philosophy are structured around a prior decision, and remain constitutively blind to this decision. Laruelle has published approximately twenty book-length titles since the early 1970s. He currently directs an international organization dedicated to furthering the cause of non-philosophy, the Organisation Non-Philosophique Internationale.